Journal Article Origin of the Anomalous Mass Renormalization in Metallic Quantum Well States of Strongly Correlated Oxide SrVO<sub>3</sub>

小林, 正起  ,  Kobayashi, Masaki  ,  吉松, 公平  ,  Kohei, Yoshimatsu  ,  坂井, 延寿  ,  Sakai, Enju  ,  北村, 未歩  ,  Kitamura, Miho  ,  堀場, 弘司  ,  Horiba, Koji  ,  藤森, 淳  ,  Fujimori, Atsushi  ,  組頭, 広志  ,  Kumigashira, Hiroshi

115 ( 7 )  , p.076801 , 2015-08 , American Physical Society
In situ angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) has been performed on SrVO3 ultrathinfilms, which show metallic quantum well (QW) states, to unveil the origin of the anomalous massenhancement in the QW subbands. The line-shape analysis of the ARPES spectra reveals that the strengthof the electron correlation increases as the subband bottom energy approaches the Fermi level. These resultsindicate that the anomalous subband-dependent mass enhancement mainly arises from the quasi-onedimensionalcharacter of confined V 3d states as a result of their orbital-selective quantization.

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