Conference Paper 衝突輻射モデル解析と線強度比測定による低気圧アルゴンプラズマの簡便な電子温度・密度のモニタリングの可能性


We surveyed the dependence of excited-state density of argon atom on the electron temperature Teand density Neover their typical range expectedin the semiconductor processesbyapplying Ar CR model.It is found that the ratios between some level pairs can be interpreted as an approximate measure of Te, and some others as that of Ne.For example, the density ratio of (4p’[1/2])/(4p[1/2]) is determined mostly by Te, while that of (4d[3/2]o)/(4p[1/2]) mostly by Ne. We discuss the reason for this difference for each level pair in terms of atomic processes in the argon plasma, based on the CR model.

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