Journal Article Graph based automatic process planning system for multi-tasking machine

朱, 疆  ,  ZHU, JIANG  ,  加藤, 雅人  ,  kato, masato  ,  田中, 智久  ,  TANAKA, TOMOHISA  ,  吉岡, 勇人  ,  Yoshioka, Hayato  ,  齋藤, 義夫  ,  SAITO, YOSHIO

Multi-tasking machine is capable of performing both milling and turning operations, it contributes to highlyefficient machining and space conservation. However, prior to machining a lot of lead time is consumed indeciding efficient process plan, and generating machining tool path. Although the current CAM systems arehighly integrated, the efficiency of the generated tool path is highly relied on the experience of the CAMprogrammer. In this research, an automatic process planning system for multi-tasking machine was developed.It is capable of recognizing manufacturing features and deciding efficient process plan from CAD modelautomatically. In this developed system, the CAD model is described as Attributed Adjacency Graph (AAG),and each feature is defined by AAG and its geometrical properties. Totally 8 milling features and 9 turningfeatures can be recognized. The optimal machining plan is calculated based on machining cost evaluation. Inaddition, in this research a new method based on subfeature combination is proposed in order to recognizeintersecting features. Furthermore, in this research the connection relationship of each feature is classified, andmachining priority is assigned to adjacent features. It prevents the time consuming evaluation for checking allpossible machining sequences. Finally, according to the experiment results, it is confirmed this developedsystem is capable of obtaining optimal machining plan properly and rapidly.

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