Conference Paper Vibrati onal and Rotational Te mperature Dependence of NH in Microwave N2 - H2 Mixture Gas Discharge

譚, 浩  ,  Tan, Hao  ,  根津, 篤  ,  Nezu, Atsushi  ,  赤塚, 洋  ,  AKATSUKA, HIROSHI

pp.07 - 038 , 2015-08 , The Japan Society of Applied Physics , 公益社団法人 応用物理学会
The N2-H2 mixture discharge has been investigated since over 50 years ago. Recently it become hot topics again because its widely usage in nitric processes and some industrial applications. Since low-temperature and low-pressure plasma can provide peak-resoluble spectrum, it is a very helpful method to diagnose plasmas and to investigate molecular properties. In this research, we obtained the spectra of N2-H2 mixture discharges both theoretically and experimentally.In N2-H2 mixture discharge, N2 2nd positive system (2PS) and NH 336-nm system can be observed. The N2 2PS ranges from 300-400 nm and NH 336-nm system ranges around 336 nm, which originates from the electric transitions from N2 C 3Π to B 3Π and NH A3Π to X3Σ- molecular states.Figure 1 shows the band spectra of N2-H2 mixture discharge. By fitting the spectra with the theoretical calculations, the vibrational and rotational temperature can be obtained. And after some analysis, we supposed two reactions that generate the NHA3Π excited state.

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