Conference Paper Reconsideration of Electron Temperature of Plasmas with Non-Maxwellian EEDF Based on Statistical-Thermodynamical Discussion

赤塚, 洋  ,  AKATSUKA, HIROSHI  ,  田中, 昌徳  ,  Tanaka, Yoshinori

pp.07 - 004 , 2015-08 , The Japan Society of Applied Physics , 公益社団法人 応用物理学会
We reconsider electron temperature of non-equilibrium oxygen plasmas based on thermodynamics and statistical physics by the relationship between entropy and mean energy of electron gas. First, we solve the Boltzmann equation to obtain electron energy distribution function (EEDF) of the oxygen plasma for a given reduced electric field E/N. We also simultaneously solve kinetic equations to determine some essential excited species in the oxygen plasma, since the EEDF should be self-consistently solved with the densities of collision partners. Next, we calculate the electron mean electron energy U and entropy S from the calculated EEDF. Then, we can obtain the electron temperature calculated as Teth = [∂S/∂U]–1. We discuss the difference between Teth and Tek ≡ (2/3)U, as well as the temperature given as a slope of the calculated EEDF for each value of E/N from the viewpoint of statistical physics as well as elementary processes.

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