Journal Article Synthesis, structure and electrochemical properties of novel Li–Co–Mn–O epitaxial thin-film electrode using layer-by-layer deposition process

Lim, Jaemin  ,  Lim, Jaemin  ,  Lee, Soyeon  ,  Lee, Soyeon  ,  鈴木, 耕太  ,  Suzuki, Kouta  ,  金, 敬洙  ,  Kim, Kyungsu  ,  Kim, SangRyun  ,  Kim, SangRyun  ,  田港, 聡  ,  Taminato, Sou  ,  平山, 雅章  ,  Hirayama, Masaaki  ,  大島, 義文  ,  oshima, yoshifumi  ,  高柳, 邦夫  ,  Takayanagi, kunio  ,  菅野, 了次  ,  KANNO, Ryoji

A novel epitaxial thin-film electrode for lithium batteries, with a composition of Li0.92Co0.65Mn1.35O4 and a cubic spinel structure, is fabricated on a SrTiO3(111) single-crystal substrate. Fabrication is carried out by layer-by-layer pulsed laser deposition of LiCoO2 with a layered rock-salt structure and LiMn2O4 with a spinel structure. The electrode is found to exhibit unique disordering of the lithium (8a) and transition-metal (16d) sites, leading to a higher rate capability and cycle retention ratio than those for a thin-film electrode with the same composition prepared by a conventional single-step deposition process. The proposed layer-by-layer deposition method allows an expanded range of compositional and structural variations for lithium battery electrode materials.

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