Thesis or Dissertation Slot Coupling Control and Feeder Design for Travelling Wave Excitation of Uniform Aperture Illumination in Radial Line Slot Antennas

Nguyen, Xuan Tung  ,  Nguyen, Xuan Tung

My dissertation proposes feeding structures and slot array synthesized techniques to control the travelling wave operations in oversized Parallel Plate Waveguides (PPW). Modification of the coaxial feeder to produce a quasi-cylindrical wave for elliptical beam generation using oversized PPW antenna is addressed. Analysis of an oversized PPW filled with anisotropic and lossy structure is presented, and solutions are proposed to deal with these problems. The designed structure then is used to design a high-gain, lightweight satellite onboard antenna. Feeding structure to suppress multi-mode operation is also discussed. The possibility of using amplitude-taper PPW antennas is investigated for compact range communications in high frequencies.

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