Conference Paper 開放端磁場を流れる窒素アークジェットプラズマの特性

山城, 龍太郎  ,  Yamashiro, Ryutaro  ,  根津, 篤  ,  Nezu, Atsushi  ,  赤塚, 洋  ,  AKATSUKA, HIROSHI

PST-15-046~055pp.25 - 30 , 2015-08 , 一般社団法人電気学会 , The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
Nitrogen and nitrogen-helium gas mixture plasma was continuously generated in a rarefied gas wind tunnel as a supersonic plasma jet. We experimentally examined its acceleration phenomena and potential drop along the open magnetic field line flowing supersonically. We found that admixture of nitrogen into helium increases the flowing velocity and moderates the potential drop.

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