Conference Paper Development of hyperspectral imaging system using optical fiber bundle and swing mirror

宇都, 有昭  ,  Uto, Kuniaki  ,  関, 晴之  ,  Seki, Haruyuki  ,  齋藤, 元也  ,  Saito, Genya  ,  小杉, 幸夫  ,  KOSUGI, YUKIO

With the recent rise of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a low-altitude hyperspectral remote sensing is a requisite tool for precise environmental monitoring. However, the low- altitude hyperspectral remote sensing cannot be expanded into a ubiquitous, sustainable monitoring tool because of the high cost of hyperspectral imaging sensors. In this study, we developed a low-cost hyperspectral imaging system for UAVs that is composed of low-cost spectrometers, an optical fiber bundle and a swing mirror. Compared with the system that was developed in our previous work, the spatial resolution of the newly developed sensor was improved by increasing the data acquisition frequency of the spectrometer and the spatial fiber density of the optical fiber bundle.

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