Conference Paper からだに紐づけられた空間図式の「写真日記」を通した構成

藤井, 晴行  ,  Fujii, Haruyuki  ,  篠崎, 健一  ,  Shinozaki, Ken-ichi

This paper proposes a method of constructing or revealing spatial schema by organizing information expressed in acollection of photo diaries. A photo diary is composed of a picture of a real world, text description of the interested facts inthe world, that of the experience in the world, and that of the subjective interpretation concerning how the facts and theexperience are associated. These segments of information are organized as if a story about the world experience is made.Spatial schemata are extracted from the story as its abstract constructs. We are designing this method on the basis of theconstrictive methodology where the method is repeated in some real fields, such as Harie in Shiga prefecture and Izena inOkinawa prefecture.

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