Conference Paper Effects of deep mixing method to reinforce earth levees in the Mekong delta, Vietnam

北詰, 昌樹  ,  Kitazume, Masaki

Earth levees constructed using dredged materials taken from a river along an earth levee have annually damaged in the Mekong Delta due to high void spacing in earth levees and floodwater. Sliding and internal erosion due to floodwater or piping are two key factors causing earth levees’ failures. This study proposed to apply Deep Mixing Method (DMM) to reinforce earth levees in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. The DMM creates a soil cement wall or soilcrete wall having better engineering properties such as higher strength and low hydraulic conductivity than those of the in-situ soils. The DMM can be applied to reinforce earth levees with limit additional materials that provinces in the Mekong Delta are difficult to supply. The study investigates capacity of the DMM to reinforce earth levees in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam against annual floods. Seepage and slope stability analyses under various conditions were performed with various scenarios of earth levee’s body. The analysis results indicate that the DMM can create a wall that cuts off piping across earth levee significantly and can improve stability against deep sliding due to rapid drawdown of the floodwater.

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