Conference Paper Design of Two-dimensional Beam-switching Butler Matrix using Short-Slot Two-plane Couplers

KIM, Dong Hun  ,  Kim, Dong-Hun  ,  廣川, 二郎  ,  HIROKAWA, JIRO  ,  安藤, 真  ,  Ando, Makoto

A two-dimensional (2-D) beam-switching Butler matrix using short-slot two-plane couplers is proposed. A short-slot 2-plane coupler substitutes a combination of two 2X2 H- and two 2X2 short-slot E-plane couplers. It makes the size of 2-D Butler matrix to a half. Proposed 2-D Butler matrix which has an integrated structure is not required twisted waveguides for connecting 1-D Butler matrices stacked horizontally and vertically in the existing 2-D beam switching matrix. It makes to remove the additional loss and reduce complexity of structure.

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