Journal Article 多入力非線形システムに対する位相面における幾何学的考察に基づく非線形制御とその応用

鈴木, 洋史  ,  Suzuki, Hiroshi  ,  関口, 和真  ,  Sekiguchi, Kazuma  ,  三平, 満司  ,  SAMPEI, MITSUJI

51 ( No. 6 ) 2015-06 , 計測自動制御学会
We propose the novel controller design method for multi-input nonlinear systems based on the phase plane behavior. The controller is designed to minimize the difference of two vector fields: nonlinear closed-loop vector fields and stabilized closed-loop vector fields of linear approximation with linear controller. Stability of the proposed controller is guaranteed by considering the Lyapunov function on the phase plane. Furthermore, as application, we propose controlling methods based on evaluation functions. The effectiveness is illustrated by numerical simulation.

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