Conference Paper Wind-induced Response Characteristic Evaluation of High-rise Seismic Isolated Building Based on Observed Records

佐藤, 大樹  ,  Sato, Daiki  ,  田村, 哲郎  ,  TAMURA, TETSURO  ,  普後, 良之  ,  Fugo, Yoshiyuki  ,  中村, 修  ,  Nakamura, Osamu  ,  勝村, 章  ,  KATUMURA, Akira  ,  笠井, 和彦  ,  KASAI, KAZUHIKO  ,  北村, 春幸  ,  Kitamura, Haruyuki

Number of high-rise seismic isolated buildings increases in Japan. The wind resistant design of the building is done so that the primary members become the elastic-region even if the strong wind forces are acted. In the high-rise seismic isolated building with the low natural frequency, the seismic isolation layer may become plasticity against the strong wind. This paper presents about a long-term dense monitoring system of 20-story high-rise seismic isolated steel building, and discusses about the wind-induced response characteristics of this high-rise seismic isolated building based on observed records.

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