Conference Paper 細径空圧人工筋肉を用いた能動織布およびウェアラブルスーツの試作

大野, 晃寛  ,  Ohno, Akihiro  ,  鈴森, 康一  ,  Suzumori, Koichi  ,  アイバーク, サディチ  ,  Ayberk, Sadic

Artificial muscles are gathering attention due to its high power ratio per mass and its supreme flexibility compared to conventional system using motors and wires. This study proposes the possibility of very thin artificial muscle to the application of wearable suit. To begin with, we have fabricated the active textile woven and simplified wearable suite prototype. By using the semi-automatic weaving machine we have developed, different textile with different pitch can be manufactured. Applying this textile to the wearable suit, development of cloth-like wearable suit is expected.

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