Conference Paper Application of an integrated approach for determining travel time reliability benefit in an urban expressway

福田, 大輔  ,  FUKUDA, DAISUKE  ,  朝倉, 康夫  ,  Asakura, Yasuo

In this study, we evaluated the economic benefit of travel time reliability for an urban expressway to explore the applicability of a recently proposed valuation model. The case study was conducted for evaluating the construction of the Hanshin Expressway Route No. 2 Yodogawa Sagan Section, in service since May 2013. The economic benefit of reliability as well as time saving was computed for three relevant paths based on a comparison of before and after opening of the new section. Specifically, we focused on the effects of the assumptions on computation of the “mean lateness factor” (referred to here as the “H index”). With the exception of rare incident occurrence, a stable value for the H index was obtained, suggesting that the valuation model has a great deal of potential for practical application.

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