Article 非平衡プラズマと点火

田上, 公俊  ,  Tanoue, Kimitoshi  ,  森吉, 泰生  ,  Moriyoshi, Yasuo  ,  堀田, 栄喜  ,  HOTTA, EIKI

57 ( No. 180 )  , pp.120 - 128 , 2015-05 , The Combustion Society of Japan , 日本燃焼学会
Recently “plasma-assisted combustion”, especially for the use of non-equilibrium plasma for ignition hasgarnered interest as a new combustion technology for high efficiency and low emissions in combustors such as internalcombustion engines. In this paper the focus is placed on the review of non-thermal plasma ignition and introduction ofauthors’ recent results of this field. The ignition characteristics of non-thermal plasma are examined and compared withthose of a conventional spark ignition. It is shown that a streamer discharge characterized by non-thermal plasma can ignitecombustible mixtures as well as conventional thermal plasma and there are also some advantages, such as volumetric ignitionand less heat loss. Through OH LIF measurement, a number of OH radical is shown to accumulate from pulse to pulse duringa train of repetitive pulses, and the created radicals can initiate chemical chain reaction, which results in ignition finally.

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