Thesis or Dissertation Study of a Back-To-Back (BTB) System Using Modular Multilevel Cascade Converters for Power Distribution Systems


This dissertation describes a modular multilevel cascade converter based on double-star chopper-cells (MMCC-DSCC). It is used to form a BTB (Back-To-Back) system installed between two 6.6-kV power distribution feeders with many distributed power generators. It is also referred to as the so-called “loop power flow controller.” A conventional BTB system employs bulky line-frequency transformers and dc-link capacitors, whereas this DSCC-based BTB system does not require either of them, thereby reducing the overall physical size and weight. A three-phase 200-V, 10-kW, 50-Hz downscaled BTB system is designed, constructed, and installed on a 200-V, 40-kW power distribution simulator consisting of two radial feeders to verify its operating principles and performance. Experimental results show that the BTB system operating properly can mitigate power-flow imbalance between the two feeders.
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