Journal Article Fabrication and characterization of spin injector using a high-quality B2-ordered-Co2FeSi0.5Al0.5/MgO/Si(100) tunnel contact

川目, 悠  ,  Kawame, Yuu  ,  悪七, 泰樹  ,  Akushichi, Taiju  ,  高村, 陽太  ,  Takamura, Yota  ,  周藤, 悠介  ,  Shuto, Yusuke  ,  菅原, 聡  ,  SUGAHARA, SATOSHI

117 ( No. 17 ) 2015-04 , AIP Publishing LLC
We successfully fabricate a (100)-orientated B2-type-Co2FeSi0.5Al0.5 (CFSA)/MgO/Si(100) tunnel contact that is promising for an efficient spin injector for Si channels. The MgO barrier is formed by radical oxidation of an Mg thin film deposited on a Si(100) surface at room temperature and successive radical oxygen annealing at 400 °C. The CFSA electrode is grown on the MgO barrier at 400 °C by ultrahigh-vacuum molecular beam deposition, and it exhibits a (100)-orientated columnar polycrystalline structure with a high degree (63%) of B2-order. The MgO barrier near the interface of the CFSA/MgO junction is crystallized with the (100) orientation, i.e., the spin filter effect due to the MgO barrier could be expected for this junction. A three-terminal Si-channel spin-accumulation device with a CFSA/MgO/Si(100) spin injector is fabricated, and the Hanle effect of accumulated spin polarized electrons injected from this contact to the Si channel is observed.

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