Departmental Bulletin Paper カール・シュヴェーズィヒ線描画連作《シュレーゲル地下牢》 ―制作の背景と作品の受容史について―

野田, 由美意

(14)  , pp.1 - 22 , 2018-03 , 北見工業大学
Karl Schwesig (1898-1955) was an artist who played an active part in “Das Junge Rheinland” in the 1920’s. He was a member of the German Communist Party (KPD) in 1932 and was arrested by the SA in 1933 where he suffered terrible torture. In this article I focused on a set of his drawings “Schlegelkeller” in which he expressed his experiences in 1935-1936, after his release from prison. One part of my study of Schwesig, analyzes other researchers’ material on the circumstances of his activities in the Nazi era based on the manuscripts. This researcher put forth several new analyses of his works because up to now there are so few. For that reason, I focused on the composition and background of the series “Schlegelkeller”. I compared the drawings with works of Francisco de Goya, Otto Dix and Peter Ludwigs, all artists who suffered physically and mentally during wartime or the Nazi era. As a result, I considered the significance of the pictures as a record and accusation of the crimes committed against Schwesig. In addition, by examining the history of Schwesig's works, I looked at the present significance of viewing such works.

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