Journal Article 津波漂流物の影響を考慮した治水施設操作法の確立に関する実験的検討

阿部, 孝章  ,  鳥谷部, 寿人  ,  船木, 淳悟  ,  吉川, 泰弘  ,  ABE, Takaaki  ,  TOYABE, Toshihito  ,  FUNAKI, Jungo  ,  YOSHIKAWA, Yasuhiro

22pp.517 - 522 , 2016-06 , 公益社団法人 土木学会
This report presents an investigation for the establishment of river control facility operation againsttsunami run-up in rivers. The tsunami generated by the 2011 Tohoku Pacific-Coast Earthquake devastatedcoastal areas in Japan and was characterized by the generation of tremendous number of tsunami debrisand drifts. In addition, in Hokkaido where ice formed in rivers, broken ice pieces were found in the fieldsurvey. The main aim of this report is to propose an optimum sluice operation in the event of tsunamiconsidering the existence of ice floes. An experimental model of a sluice gate is developed with ice floemodels on the water surface and two types of tsunami waveform are generated in the flume. The resultshowed that the gate openness can partially attenuate the wave impact load. However, it is confirmed thatthe presence of ice floes can cause an accidental jamming and an increase in the wave force, which canresult in the functional failure of the sluice gate.

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