Journal Article 河川津波を対象とした樋門ゲート前面における結氷抑制対策の提案

佐藤, 好茂  ,  阿部, 孝章  ,  稲垣, 尚人  ,  吉川, 泰弘  ,  船木, 淳悟  ,  SATO, Yoshishige  ,  ABE, Takaaki  ,  INAGAKI, Naoto  ,  YOSHIKAWA, Yasuhiro  ,  FUNAKI, Jyungo

21pp.205 - 210 , 2015-06 , 公益社団法人 土木学会
When the river tsunami occurs in the winter period, the operation of the gutter sluice gate can beprohibited by the influence of the drifting and jamming of ice floes, increasing the inundation risk insidethe levee. Therefore, secure sluice gate operations are required against tsunami run-up during the icecoveredperiod. In this paper, demonstration experiments are performed in the Aikoku sluice gate of theShinkushiro-river, showing the effectiveness of ice control measures using submerged pumps. The fieldtest presented that submerged pumps inhibited ice formation within a radius of about 2~2.5 meters aroundthe installation location. In addition, numerical ice-thickness estimation showed that the methodguaranteed the ice control effect up to the thickness of 0.63 m. Based on these results, the applicability ofthe method is further investigated in other rivers around the coast of eastern Hokkaido. This papersucceeded in showing the effectiveness of our novel ice control measure for actual rivers.

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