Journal Article アンカーアイスが結氷河川の物質循環に与える影響

鈴木, 広卓  ,  橋場, 雅弘  ,  吉川, 泰弘  ,  黒田, 保孝  ,  SUZUKI, Hirotaka  ,  HASHIBA, Masahiro  ,  YOSHIKAWA, Yasuhiro  ,  KURODA, Yasutaka

21pp.49 - 54 , 2015-06 , 公益社団法人 土木学会
This study was conducted to clarify the mechanism of anchor ice formation on the river bed and tounderstand the impact of anchor ice on material transport in ice-covered river. Field observationsindicated that anchor ice formation was significantly affected by the air temperatures and watertemperatures as well as by the hydraulic conditions, such as the water depth and the flow velocity. Wetried to simulate anchor ice formation in the actual river. The simulation results showed that accurateestimation of the temperature of river bed material that incorporated the influence of solar radiation andground heat was critical for enhancing calculation precision. We could estimate that the anchor ice pulledaway the algae from the river bed and flushed them to downstream, similar to a bed load transport insummer flood. This study proved that the river used for simulation had a specific material circulation dueto frazil ice and anchor ice.

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