Journal Article Efficient finite-difference time-domain computation of resonant frequencies of rectangular Lame mode resonators via a combination of the symmetry boundary conditions and the Pade approximation

Yasui, Takashi  ,  Hasegawa, Koji  ,  Hirayama, Koichi  ,  安井, 崇  ,  平山, 浩一

54 ( 7S1 ) 2015-06 , The Japan Society of Applied Physics
Resonant frequency analysis of the fundamental and higher-order modes of Lamé mode resonators on a lossless isotropic solid is carried out by the finite-difference time-domain (FD-TD) method with the staggered grid with collocated grid points of velocities (SGCV). The symmetry boundary condition is implemented to reduce the size of the computational domain for the FD-TD method with the SGCV. One spectrum estimation technique based on the Padé approximation is employed to effectively extract the resonant frequencies from a spectrum transformed from the time series data calculated by the FD-TD method. Numerical results show the validity and efficiency of these techniques.

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