Journal Article CO2ハイドレート発電機の動的モデルによる出力制御方法に関する基礎的研究

川合, 政人  ,  小原, 伸哉  ,  奥田, 学  ,  清水, 良平  ,  菊地, 祥庸  ,  石川, 恭介  ,  三河, 大祐  ,  高畠, 正光  ,  川合, 僚  ,  KAWAI, Masahito  ,  OBARA, Shin'ya  ,  OKUDA, Manabu  ,  SHIMIZU, Ryohei  ,  KIKUCHI, Yoshinobu  ,  ISHIKAWA, Kyosuke  ,  MIKAWA, Daisuke  ,  TAKABATAKE, Masamitsu  ,  KAWAI, Ryo

82 ( 835 )  , p.15-00555 , 2016 , 一般社団法人 日本機械学会
The utilization of alternative energy is being strongly promoted in order to prevent the progression of climate change due to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, in our previous study, the carbon dioxide (CO2) hydrate engine generator (CHEG), which converts unutilized energy to electrical energy, has been proposed as a way to produce alternative energy. CHEG uses the heat cycle of a CO2 hydrate which is generated by a small temperature difference using heat from such unutilized energy sources as low-temperature exhaust heat from home heating appliances, difference in temperature between day and night, geothermal heat, etc. In previous works, the theoretical validity of the CHEG as an alternative energy for homes has been analyzed. However, the control method of power output for changing heat source temperature and power load has not been investigated. Therefore, the dynamic model of the CHEG is constructed to investigate the dynamic characteristics of the control method of power output.

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