Departmental Bulletin Paper ロシアにおける通常裁判所の裁判官の選任過程-裁判官自治と外部統制の相克-

阿曽, 正浩  ,  ASO, Masahiro

(12)  , pp.15 - 47 , 2016-03 , 北見工業大学
This article attempts to clarify the process of judicial selection of the courts ofgeneral jurisdiction at regions and districts in Russian Federation. It is focused to theconflict between the autonomy of the judicial community and the external control onthis process of judicial selection. Especially it is investigated to the relation betweenJudicial Qualifications Collegia of judges at regions and chairpersons of courts atregions or districts, and the conflict between Federation and federation subjects.This article is composed with the following three parts. The first part is concernedwith the relation between the establishment of the judicial self-government and theinterference of district powers at the Yeltsin administration period. The second part isconcerned with the relation between the revision of the judicial self-government andthe strengthening of President power at the Putin administration period. The thirdpart is concerned with the process of judicial selection by Examination Committees,Judicial Qualifications Collegia and President Administration. In conclusion it ispointed out that on the process of judicial selection of the courts of general jurisdiction,the self-control of the judicial community is inicially respected, but gradually theinfluence of President power is strengthened, and the unofficial influence of govenorsat regions and chairpersons of courts at regions or districts is still remainig.

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