Others 【Notes】Investigating Extensive Reading Practices at a Japanese Women's University -Phase 1 : Background Survey and Collection-
【資料】日本の女子大学で多読プラクティスの調査-フェーズ1 : バックグラウンド調査とデータ収集-

Jacob Andrew,Lawrence

50pp.79 - 86 , 2015-12-21 , 広島文教女子大学
During semester 2 of 2015, I designed two surveys for first and second-year Reading Strategies students in Hiroshima Bunkyo Women’s University’s Global Communication Department (GCD) in order to gauge the students’ interests regarding extensive reading (ER) and to collect background information to get a better idea of their preferences and individual reading styles. My motivation for this research began with a desire to improve student satisfaction and attempt to peak their interest in reading. I would like to apply the data collected from these surveys to put together campaigns in the Bunkyo English Communication Center’s (BECC) Self Access Learning Area (SALC) to make choosing graded readers more fun and easier for students who often find the task of choosing books to read difficult. Also, taking an inventory of the graded reader books and book levels we currently have in our center’s SALC and tailoring them more toward the levels and interests of our students will hopefully help them find more books they enjoy reading, thus making reading more fun and engaging rather than a joyless activity they have to do because it is a class requirement and a large part of their class grade. After all, “the success of extensive reading depends largely on enticing students to read” (Day & Bamford 2002: 137)


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