Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学における発達障害のある学生の支援体制について

山下 京子,

63pp.129 - 143 , 2016-2-29 , 広島女学院大学
‘Law about Promotion of Cancellation of Discrimination on the grounds of Obstacle’ (abbreviated to ‘Disability Discrimination Cancellation Law’) comes into operation as of April 1st 2016. This Law will require the higher educational institute to provide reasonable accomodation for students with disabilities. In this sense, it is the reexamination of the whole school-like support system that immediately needs to be discussed at universities. On the basis of the fact-finding investigation made by Japan Student Services Organization, the developmentally disabled students and the students who have possibility of being developmentally disabled have increased in number year by year. The present article makes a summary report of the achievements by the Hiroshima Jogakuin University Project entitled ‘Research and Development for Higher Educational Support for Disability Students’ which were performed for three years since 2011, and in particular discusses the learning support system for the students with neurodevelopmental disorders. As a result, I come to the conclusion that the effective support organization for the students with neurodevelopmental disorders should be constructed in the systematic institute such as support rooms, various improvements in classes, and barrier-free mind on campus.

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