Departmental Bulletin Paper 女子大生の恋愛と結婚に対する意識調査 ──理想の男性像と,男性への許容意識との関係──

三木 幹子,

63pp.103 - 117 , 2016-2-29 , 広島女学院大学
The aim of the present article is to make an examination of women’s views on marriage. In order to discuss this problem I distributed questionnaires about love and marriage to female college students. The questionnaires show that from a viewpoint of love as well as marriage they regard men’s character and men’s sense of values as the most important thing. When a female college student thinks a man as a love, his appearance is the most essential for her.  When she thinks a man as a marriage partner, on the other hand, his capacity for living is very important for her. What she mentions as the reason why she does not regard him as a love or a marriage partner is a physiological factor, a lack of sincerity, or an absence of human relations building ability. Only a few students regard men’s appearance as the reason why female students dislike men. A comparison of a woman who attaches greater importance to her marriage partner’s capacity for living with a woman who does not take her marriage partner’s capacity for living much seriously makes clear the differences between two types of women.

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