Departmental Bulletin Paper 高尿酸血症予防への食品選択による 尿pHのアルカリ化の影響

下岡 里英,  ,  野村 希代子,  ,  神原 彩,  ,  瀨山 一正,  ,  石村 和敬,  ,  三浦 芳助,

63pp.119 - 128 , 2016-2-29 , 広島女学院大学
The purpose of this study is to make an investigation of the influence upon uric acid metabolism through the urinary alkalization caused by the increase in an intake of vegetables. For the present examination we asked seven healthy subjects (male) aged from 23 to 70 to have vegetables more than 350 grams a day for one month. At the beginning and at the ending of this experiment we measured their P/K+ ratio, urine pH, uric acid excretion quantity, R (uric acid clearance/creatinine clearance), and serum uric acid level. The measurement told us that the increase in an intake of vegetables lowers P/K+ ratio less than 1.5. However, the measurement also showed that we cannot certify urinary alkalization only with their P/K+ ratio. There were some subjects whose quantity of urinary uric acid excretion changed with urinary alkalization. But their urinary uric acid excretion increased without any relation to the change of urine pH. The increase of urinary uric acit excretion as well as the improvement in the raito of R were observed in all the subjects who continued to take in vegetables more than 350 grams a day. We did not observe a prominent change in the serum uric acid level. What is noteworthy of notice in the present investigation, however, is that the intake of vegetables more than 350 grams a day makes a great effect on uric acid metabolism.

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