Departmental Bulletin Paper 「キリスト教女子人格教育」の現代的使命

湊 晶子,

63pp.1 - 11 , 2016-2-29 , 広島女学院大学
In the present age when all the people are admitted to enter universities with fewer children continuing to develop, there is a tendency to make light of cultural education as well as character education and to regard utilitarian education as more important. An investigation into the problem of why many female education institutes have been founded since the Meiji Era tells us that female character education based upon Christianity has played a very important part in the growth of female character-building. The question which we must consider here is whether we have made full use of character education on the basis of the idea Dr. Inazo Nitobe had fostered under Christianity since the Meiji Era. In this article I also took into consideration the problem of how we should develop character education as well as career education in order to realize an inclusive society and local revitalization.  Although many universities have made a great focus on a practical branch of learning and certification-oriented education, the highest priority should be given to the bringing up of persons educated on the basis of Christianity so as to get high degree of professionalism.

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