Departmental Bulletin Paper 広島発の秀逸バイオ技術,軟水醸造法の水質化学的および微生物学的要点
Chemical water quality and microbiological points of Nansui-Jyozouho, a soft water brewing method for Sake, an excellent biotechnology from Hiroshima

佐々木,健  ,  佐々木,慧

49pp.23 - 35 , 2016-12 , 広島国際学院大学
Focusing on the elucidation of the Nansui-jyozouho, a soft water brewing method for Sake, water quality of brewery in Hiroshima and all over Japan was investigated. Miyamizu, well water in Nada and Nishinomiya area was the hard water, however, well water in Hiroshima was the soft water except in Saijyo, Takehara, Mihara area. Well water in Fushimi (Kyoto), Saijyo, Takehara and Mihara was semi-hard water, classify between soft water and hard water. A soft water brewing method for Sake, developed by Senzaburo Miura, was summarized and discussed. His book entitled “Memory of practical improvement of Sake brewing”(1898) was discussed based on the chemical water quality and microbiological point of view, because these points were not elucidated so far. He mainly emphasized about the sanitary system during Koji making process. He might be succeeded making less-bacterial polluted Koji using the relatively dried Koji room (less moisture) which is a new trial in those days. And finally, he have succeeded to brew Sake without contamination and rot. Furthermore, he seemed to apply newly the intermittent sterilization system for washing and sterilizing fermentation vessels which process was not yet applied for Sake brewing in those days (in Meiji Period). These technologies are now applied for Ginjyoushu-Sake brewing.

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