Departmental Bulletin Paper 障害問題と異文化
Disability Issues and Different Cultures

手賀,尚紀  ,  澤田,善太郎

48pp.75 - 86 , 2015-12 , 広島国際学院大学
In resolving social issues e.g. prejudice, discrimination, or disadvantage toward the disabled, it is necessary to clarify what disability issues are. In this paper, the authors will focus on so-called “disability culture” and analyze issues from a cultural point of view. In the prior studies on disability culture, there exists an argument as to whether we view disability culture as a whole of diversely existing culture or as a common term for the culture of all disabled people. However, if one tries to discuss disability problems from a cultural point of view, disability culture has to be substantiated. It is therefore necessary to understand it as a common term. Basing on the relationship between majority and minority groups and some studies on cultural contact, the authors mention that disability issues are problems between different cultures. In considering that a disability issue is equivalent to a concept of disability, the authors also make inquiry into how disability issues are captured in the view of this concept. Moreover, disability issues will be considered from a cross-cultural point of view as well. In the end, by acknowledging non-handicapped culture and disability culture are culturally equal, the authors will eventually point out that it is necessary to aim at rebuilding mutual understanding and relationship between these two cultures.

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