Departmental Bulletin Paper 中山間地A自治体における部落問題に関する意識の現状とその規定要因の分析
Marriage Discrimination Factor Analysis and the Current State of the Burakumin : A Survey from a Municipality on Depopulated Mountainous Area


48pp.1 - 15 , 2015-12 , 広島国際学院大学
This paper explores 2013 data generated from a survey on human rights awareness within a municipality on depopulated mountainous area. The author analyzes factors related to marriage discrimination and the current state of discrimination against the Burakumin. A proposal concerning human rights education and enlightenment is also offered. Comparison with the survey’s 2010 findings in Osaka Prefecture finds that (a) awareness of the Buraku issue is lower among 2013 respondents, especially the Under-30 and Over-60 groups; and (b) more 2013 respondents consider that Buraku will one day attain liberation. The study considers, however, that these results do not necessarily imply that the municipality residents are, practically speaking, any less discriminatory than their Osaka counterparts. The author uses multiple regression analysis for analyzing marriage discrimination against the Burakumin. The results of the survey indicate that respondents who (1) believe that the person discriminated against has cause for himself/herself; (2) holds strict perceptions concerning the current state of marriage discrimination; (3) has heard it said that the Buraku are fearful, and (4) does not have any close associations eager in the cause of protecting human rights, does tend to take into account whether a marriage partner is a Burakumin or not before either the respondent or his/her family member becomes married.

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