Departmental Bulletin Paper LCT(習熟度確認テスト)とFPT(フォローアップテスト)の受験状況と期末試験の関係
Relation between the Final Test Results and Taking Conditions of LCT (Learning Check Testing) and FPT (Follow-up Program Testing)


52pp.93 - 101 , 2018-02 , 広島工業大学
There is a positive relationship between the final test results (success/failure) and the placement (PT) score or the abilities in learning check testing (LCT), but the coefficient of correlation is not so large. In this paper, we have further investigated the relation among the number of success in LCT, the number of attendance to FPC (follow-up program class), etc., in addition to PT and LCT ability values. The findings are the following. 1) Badly failed students (E evaluation) to the final test are very reluctant to attend the FPC and tend to ignore it. In E group, there are two groups: one is consisting of those who need fundamental remedial learning class, and the other is consisting of those who should be taken care of their future courses. 2) Failed students but not so badly to the final test are earnest and eager to attend the FPC to cover their skills. They could be successful someday in the future. However, there are some who are reluctant to tackle the exercises. 3) Successful students attend classes and get good scores in every LCT. The FP system is a good system positively in the following sense. 1) Class attendance rate is increased comparing to the classes without the LCT. 2) To catch up the students in risk, it is recommended to take care of absent students in the FPC.

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