Departmental Bulletin Paper 高校物理でのニュートンの運動の第2法則の 検証実験に関する考察 -力センサーと加速度センサーを同時使用する方法に照らして-
A Study on Verification Experiment of Newton’s Second Law of Motion in High School Physics In light of the simultaneous use of force sensor and acceleration sensor


17pp.13 - 22 , 2018-02 , 広島工業大学
About the verification experiment of Newton’s second law of motion, we can easily demonstrate F= ma in a short time by the measurement using graphing calculator which uses simultaneously force sensor and acceleration sensor with hanging a mass body in the vertical direction. On the other hand, in Japan, the experiment which uses dynamics trolley and ticker-timer has continued for half a century since PSSC.
In this study, the former method is called a one-shot method, and the latter method is as a standard method. Based on the features of both methods, we extensively examined experiments of second law of motion, and examined from various viewpoints the problems and the essence of each. Based on these examinations, we propose an example of lesson plan using the one-shot method in the lesson of second law of motion.

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