Departmental Bulletin Paper Sigfoxネットワークを用いたIoT機器との 通信システムの構築と教育への応用
Construction of communication system with IoT equipment using Sigfox network and its application to education

田中,武  ,  甲斐,健  ,  山崎,勇  ,  織田,浩二  ,  岡光,序治  ,  児玉,由美子  ,  江藤,潔

17pp.59 - 63 , 2018-02 , 広島工業大学
We installed the Sigfox antenna in Hiroshima Institute of Technology and acquired the data of the water meter with IoT equipment via the Internet using the Sigfox network. In addition, since we can explain the mechanism of Sigfox using that system, we could build an elementary education system. In the future, I would like to aim to build an educational system that can be used for actual lectures and practical training using materials for constructing educational systems.

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