Departmental Bulletin Paper 一般財団法人スポーツ環境総合技術推進協議会の概要と活動報告
Outline of foundation for sports environment general technical promotion meeting and activity report

田中,武  ,  高地,正夫  ,  池田,篤志  ,  葛原,秀男  ,  松下,光一

52pp.187 - 194 , 2018-02 , 広島工業大学
Our foundation for sports environment general technical promotion meeting, aims to contribute to healthy, safe and sound social life of sports beneficiaries by conducting research and enlightenment projects that make use of various innovation results in sports environment. Combined with the “spatial illumination simulation system” for measuring illuminance throughout the competition space developed by LED companies related mainly to Excel Co., Ltd. under the guidance of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan and Hiroshima Institute of Technology, Thereby providing a comfortable sports environment that realizes high spatial illuminance.

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