Departmental Bulletin Paper 偏心を有する非対称Z型NCブレース架構の静的載荷実験
Static Loading Test on Anti-symmetric Z-type NC Braced Frame with Eccentricity

小松,真吾  ,  山西,央朗  ,  高松,隆夫

52pp.65 - 71 , 2018-02 , 広島工業大学
The authors proposed the anti-symmetric Z-type non-compression braced frame having seismic response reduction performance due to incremental torsional deformation. In previous papers, we clarify the anti-symmetric Z-type shows incremental torsional deformation characteristics during static and dynamic loading. However, since these results were from experiment with a non-eccentric specimen, actual situation of structural building is not reflect. In this report, static loading test on one-story one-span specimen with eccentric as well as non-eccentric specimen are carried out to clarify torsional deformation behavior of anti-symmetric Z-type NC braced frame. We discus effect of eccentric through the comparison with these specimens.

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