Departmental Bulletin Paper The Origin of Language


52pp.7 - 13 , 2018-02 , 広島工業大学
There have been a lot of discussions of the origin of language. Some people think that the origin of words is onomatopoeias. Meanwhile, according to expressive theories, the origin of words and language is the innate cries of pain or pleasure produced by nonhuman animals. Others insist that language originated as a means of communication. Another theory holds that a learned vocalization systems, more like birdsong than innate calls, formed a middle term in language evolution. Others claim that gestures provided a middle stage in language evolution. Max Müller thinks that all human languages have a single common origin. For Charles Darwin, the origin of language is the imitation of natural sounds, the voices of other animals, and man’s cries. Noam Chomsky claims that the origin of language is mutation of brain cells. Ferdinand de Saussure insists that it is meaningless to ask a question of the origin of language. After all, what is the origin of language?

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