Departmental Bulletin Paper 広島城内の戦争遺跡に関する調査研究
A Study about war remains in Rijo-castle

大東,延幸  ,  東城,雄大  ,  十河,茂幸

52pp.61 - 64 , 2018-02 , 広島工業大学
The anti-aircraft strategy operation room, which used to be a facility of the old Japanese army and still exists in the precincts of Rijo-Castle, is a structure exposed to radiation in 1945 when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. This structure has never been used since the end of World War II, and has become decrepit. No official documents of the structure remain, and the details of its present condition are not known well.
These facilities were also investigated the current year following fiscal year 2016. (1) made a drawing of the anti-aircraft war room more in-depth than an investigation, the interior where a crack around the ceiling of the approach structure in the anti-aircraft war room where was found newly was used, (2) the underground utility was checked around the anti-aircraft war room, related literature search was performed, in fiscal year 2015 the current year.
This structure was in Rijo-Castle, so all one which exists in Rijo-Castle couldn’t change the current state for a historical site, so it was to investigate in the area which can be done by non-destruction.
It's clear from an investigation that deterioration continues, and it's recommended that several ways will be taken for the preservation and some good use in the future. It'll be expected also to continue investigation activity from now on.

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