Journal Article 自然エネルギー発電機を用いた体験型授業の教育効果
Teaching Effect of Experiential Lesson Using Renewable Energy Generators

吉田,義昭  ,  川西,達也  ,  青木,健太  ,  山添,紘弥

40 ( 2 )  , pp.123 - 130 , 2016-12 , 応用物理学会
If there are the experimental teaching materials that students can experience the renewable energy generation, students will have interests and concerns in the physical phenomenon, and will have opportunities to deepen the learning. So, we have developed a micro hydro generator and a Savonius wind generator that are possible to experiment in a classroom. We have also developed the degradable hand-cranked generators to learn the mechanisms and principles of power generation. To verify the educational effect, we performed the experiential lesson using the teaching materials.

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