Journal Article マイクロ水力発電を用いたエネルギー変換教材の開発
Development of a Teaching Material for Energy Conversion using Micro Hydropower

吉田,義昭  ,  横田,聖輝  ,  青木,健太  ,  山添,紘弥

40 ( 2 )  , pp.115 - 121 , 2016-12 , 応用物理学会
To acquire the scientific thinking, students should conduct experiments and measurements. And it would also be important to try to quantify using physical formulas. So, we have developed a teaching material of micro hydropower generator that can quantify the energy conversion efficiency. We use a classical water wheel that is suitable for low head drop. This apparatus can be used in laboratory or field experiments. To clarify the power generation performance, it was carried out the resistance load test and the head drop change test. We also clarified the education effects of this apparatus.

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