Departmental Bulletin Paper フォローアップクラス参加による学習効果の確認法について
A Method to Measure Learning Effectiveness in the Follow-up Classes


16pp.43 - 47 , 2017-02 , 広島工業大学
It is considered to be difficult to find the learning effect because it requires long duration and we generally do not know how to measure the effectiveness of learning. Due to the trend of shrinkage of young people to be enrolled in universities, we are inclined to accept a variety of students, which will make us to take special care to undergraduate students. Therefore, we decided to design the follow-up program for them. The follow-up program consists of two: one is the learning check testing system to find students to be taken care of as early as possible, and the other is to serve the special learning program called follow-up classes. In the follow-up classes, students, teachers, and peersupporters work in a collaborative style using the newly introduced adaptive online testing system.To check if the learning is effective or not in the follow-up classes, we introduce here a newly proposed method (progressive method) which measures the ratios of students relevant to follow-up participants. We consider that if the ratio is larger than 0.5, then the follow-up program was worked effectively. By investigating three classes using this newly developed method, we have found that the follow-up program worked effectively.

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