Departmental Bulletin Paper フォローアッププログラムにおけるオンラインテストの 学生の受け止め方
Comments from Students toward Online Testing Systems in the Follow-up Program


16pp.49 - 53 , 2017-02 , 広島工業大学
Due to the shrinkage of high school students and growth of the number of acceptance to universities in Japan, almost all the high school students are to be enrolled to universities, which causes various educational difficulties in universities. Taking care of students who were taught insufficiently in high schools and junior high schools is one of them. The follow-up program is aimed at helping students who need basic learning and aimed at assisting teachers who have to engage in teaching a variety of students. The follow-up systems are recognized as a part of the follow-up program (FP), and consist of the learning check testing (LCT), follow-up program testing (FPT), and collaborative work testing (CWT). We have developed the FP using online testing systems. In the systems, many persons playing roles are involved, such as teachers, students, peer supporters, and item contributors. We adopted the item response theory (IRT) to evaluate students' learning skills accurately. It would be a good time to assess if the systems worked or not because we have now a one-semester experience. Thus, we took questionnaires to students, peer supporters, and advisors. As a result, we have found that 1) students accept LCT in a positive attitude, 2) students want to use CWT out of campus, 3) attendance rate is improved, and etc.

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