Departmental Bulletin Paper 新入生全員を対象としたオンラインテストの実際
A Report to the Online Testing Systems Applied to All Freshman Students


16pp.27 - 35 , 2017-02 , 広島工業大学
To take care of students who were taught insufficiently in high schools and junior high schools, we have recently established the follow-up program (FP) aimed at helping students who need basic learning and aimed at assisting teachers who have to engage in teaching a variety of educational students. The follow-up systems are recognized as a part of the follow-up program, and consist of the learning check testing, follow-up program testing, and collaborative work testing. These testing systems use a large number of structured problem items installed in the database (i.e., item bank). It is considered to be difficult to design mathematics lectures for undergraduate classes if a variety of students exist in the same class. In this paper we first introduce the newly developed follow-up program and its related testing systems such as the learning check testing (LCT), follow-up program testing (FPT), and collaborative work testing (CWT). Four months have passed since the FP system was first introduced. We then show our experience of the use of the FP system and related things. We have found that 1) students showed us positive attitudes toward the newly introduced testing system, 2) although many difficulties occurred at the beginning of the system launching, the systems are working well in overall, 3) we have faced to the difficulty of how we manage the FP classes, which reminds us the defect of initial FP design, 4) we have learned many valuable things about education by participating this opportunity.

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