Departmental Bulletin Paper LED を用いたアリーナのスポーツ照明と,その設置例
Sports lighting of an arena using LED, and an installation example

田中,武  ,  高地,正夫  ,  池田,篤志  ,  葛原,秀男  ,  松下,光一  ,  呉,浩廷  ,  栗栖,慎也

51pp.231 - 241 , 2017-02 , 広島工業大学
In recent years, sports lighting of physical education facilities has changed from mercury lamps to LED lighting. The LED lighting has excellent ON / OFF and energy saving characteristics, and has become convenient to use. In sporting events, such as, volleyball, etc., athletes may face up to the ceiling and thus the source of illumination. Constant measures are needed to protect the eyes of these athletes. In this study, we describe the change from mercury lamps to LED lighting in the Kawasaki gymnasium. We investigated to reduction of glare when seen directly by humans in the gymnasium using a high intensity light source such as LED. In addition, we show three examples of the installed LED lighting in the arena. And finally, show a measurement example of three-dimensional brightness of the arena using a drone.

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