Departmental Bulletin Paper 炭素繊維プレートによるH 形鋼梁の補強工法に関する設計法 ― 既往の実験データに基づいた接着剤の破壊防止条件 ―
Design method for strengthening H-shaped steel beam using CFRP plate ― Collapse prevention condition of bond based upon previous experimental results ―

高松,隆夫  ,  玉井,宏章  ,  藤本,信介  ,  岩瀬,貴信

51pp.95 - 101 , 2017-02 , 広島工業大学
The authors have investigated and proposed methods for strengthening H-shaped steel beams using CFRP plates bonded to the tension flange.This paper proposes a design method for strengthening beams using CFRP plates based upon previous experimental results that give relationship between shearing stress on an edge of the CFRP plates and tensile-shearing strength of the bond at collapse of the CFRP plates.

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