Departmental Bulletin Paper 簡易復元力特性を用いたスリップ型および ノンスリップ型露出柱脚付き鋼構造物の地震応答解析
Seismic response analyses of Steel Structures with Slip-type & Non-slip-type Exposed Column Bases using Simplified Models of Restoring Force Characteristics

高松,隆夫  ,  山西,央朗  ,  玉井,宏章  ,  松下,貴雄  ,  石津,祐二

51pp.103 - 113 , 2017-02 , 広島工業大学
This paper describes response analyses of structures with column bases of full and simplified models and the following conclusions are obtained. 1) The response results of the simplified models are in good agreements with those of the full models. The worst results are overestimated by 30%. Thus, simplified models can be used for rational design of steel structures. 2) For structures with the non-slip-type column bases, the seismic response results after column bases yielding decrease and the maximum ones of the first story in the column bases with cyclic yielding are less than those of the slip-type column bases.

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