Departmental Bulletin Paper 多層NCブレース架構の地震応答性状に関する研究
Seismic response behavior of multi-story NC braced frames

高松,隆夫  ,  玉井,宏章  ,  小松,真吾

51pp.69 - 75 , 2017-02 , 広島工業大学
The authors have proposed Z-type and anti-symmetric Z-type NC braced frames that reduce absolute acceleration response by accumulated elastic strain energy. The elastic strain is accumulated by incremental deformation due to elastic response. These frames show similar elasto-plastic seismic response behavior by plastic energy absorption of the NC braces to hysteric dampers. They are compared for single-span and single-story frames. Numerical analyses of eight-story, three-span frames with various NC brace arrangements are carried out to compare the seismic response behaviors of Z-type, anti-Z-type and X-type braced multi-story frames. Residual deformation in multi-story frames after an earthquake can be calculated based upon incremental deformation in each story.

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